Frontend Vue/Nuxt Engineer

Job description

About Hex

At Hex we’re striving to improve the world through partnerships with responsible organisations. We do this by creating platforms that drive conscious, ethical, powerful change. We look to innovate both in what we produce and how we produce it.

Hex is a digital agency with a diverse group of incredibly talented people from all over the world. Our award-winning team is currently 20 strong, and composed of 11 different nationalities. We believe safe spaces where everyone can be their authentic selves are the key to a strong team - we welcome and embrace all identities, cultures, and backgrounds.

We work with startups, businesses, educational institutions and worldwide organisations to deliver impactful messaging, facilitate action and change the world.

About the Opportunity

Hex is engaged with several startups to help define and build their brand, product and marketing functions. We collaborate closely with our clients to research, design, develop and launch their ideas into multi-million pound organisations and services that change the world. We also incubate their own development team, defining engineering culture and best practices for their organisation, for when they’re ready to take it in-house.

This role is for a key individual contributor to build the front-end UI and functionality for our startup products. That means contributing to technical architecture, creating interactive web interfaces, consuming APIs and managing application state. If you love creating innovative products in Vue and Nuxt, or defining engineering excellence, then this is the role for you.

The salary range for this role is £45-65k depending on experience. We're currently looking for London-based (or nearby) candidates for this role.

Job requirements

As a Front-End Developer at Hex

You will:

  • Build robust, semantic and accessible front ends to applications, and their test suites
  • Work closely with designers to create accessible, reusable components and consistent design patterns
  • Be an advocate for improvements to the product’s quality, security and performance
  • Identify technical debt and blockers that slow down the team’s ability to deliver code to production, and partner with our engineering managers to advocate for its improvement
  • Represent the team and be a significant influence in the overall vision and long term goals for the team and product
  • Ship large features and improvements with minimal guidance or support from other team members

Jamie, our Head of Engineering, will be directly responsible for you at Hex. He’ll make sure you have everything you need to be successful in the role, including a comprehensive self development plan and mentoring.

You’ll also be working very closely and collaboratively with colleagues of all levels and experts in all functions, including UX & UI design, creative strategy, project management, client services, marketing and growth.

Technologies you'll be exposed to

  • Vue 3, and Nuxt 3
  • PostCSS with BEM, and Tailwind for design tokens and utility classes
  • Vite, Webpack, Babel, and friends
  • Cypress, Jest, and Vue Test Utils
  • Storybook
  • GitHub and git
  • Figma
  • GraphQL

What You'll Bring

  • An expert level of knowledge with JavaScript, Vue, and their ecosystems
  • Experience in implementing design systems or component libraries
  • A deep appreciation for semantic HTML and accessibility that you’ll keep at the forefront of your mind while developing UIs
  • A history of thriving in environments where experimentation and failure are expected and celebrated
  • Some high-level exposure to giving & receiving feedback with regard for both emotional and technical concerns
  • A passion for digging into new tools, frameworks, and platforms
  • A high level of comfort with a Git-centric workflow, including continuous deployment and solid tooling
  • The ability to lead by example, seeking to understand through active listening and questioning, actively address problems you identify and assume responsibility for your work

Within 1 month, you'll:

  • Learn about Hex and how we work
  • Have one-on-one's and pairing sessions with the people you'll be working closely with and get to know your Hex peers
  • Deep dive into the world of the client that you’ll be working with. You’ll be contributing to the planning of their greenfield product, and begin developing by committing features and performing code reviews with the team

Within 3 months, you'll:

  • Establish strong async communication rhythms with your peers and leaders, practicing transparency and visibility in your progress against areas of focus
  • Gain a more robust understanding of the needs of the product
  • Deliver on our first iteration of the product
  • Solicit feedback from your peers, including other engineers and teammates in your product team, and support your teammates through thoughtful feedback

Within 6 months, you'll:

  • Elevate the work of the team and become a subject matter expert in the product
  • Make a significant impact to our team by being a key contributor to an engineering led initiative to improve our codebase or processes to enable us to scale better as an organization
  • Fortify relationships with cross functional team members as well as broaden your connections across the organization
  • Participate in the interview process for other front-end developer candidates

About our team

Of everything we've ever built at Hex, we are most proud of our team.

We believe that empowered and engaged team members do their best work. We’ll be giving you the tools you need to succeed and looking to you for suggestions to improve not just in your role, but every aspect of building a company. We want to make sure we find inventive ways to collaborate, debate, and learn from each other.

To learn a bit more about our team and who we are, make sure to visit our team page.

Joining our ambitious and passionate team is only one of many great perks at Hex. We provide a tailored development and training plan and a yearly training budget of £1,000 to foster your ongoing learning through books, courses and conferences. We'll provide a MacBook Pro or your choice of equivalent laptop. We also offer 25 days holiday standard, plus 1 extra for each anniversary you have with us.


Even if you don’t meet all of the qualifications above, please apply anyway! This description is a guide on what we think would be the perfect candidate, but is not a list of requirements. Everyone is unique and will bring skills and experience we haven’t thought of.

When applying, please include a CV or short listing of your skills and experience. A LinkedIn profile would also be fine. If you would like to, a cover letter explaining why you’d enjoy working in this role and at Hex would be great, though it’s not required and won’t impact your application. Once we receive your application we’ll get back to you with next steps.

Not the right role for you? Get in touch and tell us about yourself. We're always on the lookout for brilliant minds in all roles and experience levels.

We’re devoted to building a team of people with diverse backgrounds and lifestyles. We believe our success is driven by the unique perspectives, ideas and contributions that come from a varied team. We are all responsible for bringing on people from all walks of life. Driving equality empowers our team, enables us to innovate, and helps us maintain a more inclusive environment. We don’t discriminate against employees or applicants based on gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion, age, race, military/veteran status, citizenship, pregnancy status, or any other differences. If we can do anything to provide a better interview, i.e. accommodate a disability, then please let us know.